• General

    Is there an age limit for Alphabet Private Lease?

    The minimum age is 18 years. Alphabet applies no maximum age.

    How do I determine the number of kilometres I travel?

    Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the annual number of kilometres you travel. Think about your personal situation and whether you expect important things to change in the upcoming period in your life. Think about:

    • commuting
    • summer and/or winter holidays
    • family visits and sports
    • business trips


    May other people also drive the car?

    We have no problem if your partner or family members drive your private lease car, provided they have a valid driving licence under Dutch law. The car cannot be offered and/or rented to others for payment.

    For which activities am I not allowed to use the car?

    You may not use your lease car for driving lessons, races, skills competitions or other activities not considered regular car trips, as your car is not insured for these situations.

    How can I change my personal data?

    If your personal details (e.g. your bank account number or address) change, you can report this by email or phone (076-2042803). You can also change this type of data yourself in MyAlphabet. This is your personal Alphabet environment, in which you can change your data. In addition, you will find information about your contract and invoices here.

  • Request, order and delivery

    How can I request an offer?

    If you do not wish to order the selected car yet, you can also save the offer. Select the ‘Print’ option next to the order button. You can print the offer or save it as a PDF file, depending on your settings. The offer is valid for 14 days or as long as stocks last.

    Is the car definitively ordered after ordering online?

    No, once you have placed your order online, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the next steps. This also states which information we need from you for the financial acceptance. When these steps have been completed, you will receive the lease contract and the car can then be definitively ordered.

    Can I add other options and/or accessories than those listed on the website?

    No, this is not possible. We offer all the options for the selected private lease car on our website. This also applies to the colours of the car.

    Can I choose the supplying dealer by myself?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. We can offer our competitive prices due to purchase agreements and selecting the supplying dealer ourselves. We take into account your place of residence as much as possible. We sometimes have a sales promotion with a selected dealer. In this case, the distance may not be ideal for you. In that case you can use the Alphabet delivery service.

    Can my car also be delivered to a location of my choice?

    Yes, that is possible. If you cannot collect the car yourself, you can choose the delivery service. Let us know in good time so we can plan everything for you. Delivery costs €115,-. 

    When will my car be delivered?

    Once we have received the signed lease contract, your new car will be ordered from the dealer. You will then receive notice of the expected delivery date from us. The expected delivery date is based on the information we receive from the dealer. Unfortunately, Alphabet has no influence on the expected delivery time (or any delays).

    Can Alphabet help me to sell my current car?

    We are happy to help you with this, because we find it important that this does not lead to any hassle or disappointment for you. To make this possible we work with Emil Frey Car Trading.

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    What to do if you have no Dutch driving licence or passport?

    If you have no Dutch driving licence or passport, the dealer cannot register the car in your name when you collect it. In these situations it's very important to follow these steps:

    1. Inform the Private Lease team as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to: privatelease@alphabet.com.
    2. We will temporarily register the car in Alphabet’s name. This will cause an increase in the monthly lease instalment because additional taxes apply when a car is registered in a company’s name.
    3. After picking up the car, contact us at +31 (0)76 5793888. We will send you necessary registration codes by e-mail.
    4. Request an extract from the Persons Database (Uittreksel Basis Register) from your city council. Ask for your citizen service number (BSN) to be included in the extract. This may take up to five working days.
    5. Make an appointment at a National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority (RDW) location: www.rdw.nl/over-rdw/contact/keuringsstations.
    6. Remember to take these with you: A. Registration codes, B. an ID card or driving licence from an EU country, diplomatic passport or passport, C. Extract from the Persons Database.
    7. When registering the car, you will receive Part 1 of the new registration code from the RDW. Part 2 will follow by post with your registration card. Scan both parts of the code and send these to privatelease@alphabet.com.
    8. From the day you perform the actions in step 7, the monthly lease instalment will be corrected to the original monthly amount of your order. 
  • Contract

    Can I also pay a deposit?

    It is not possible to pay a deposit.

    What additional securities can I include in my contract?

    Think carefully in advance about which extra conditions, options or accessories you want to include in your contract. Think for example of adding replacement transport abroad. It is easier to add these options immediately. This prevents unnecessary interim contract amendments.

    For an extra amount per month it is possible to add to the lease contract with e.g. all-season tires, tow bar, replacement transport abroad, driver and passenger insurance (schadeverzekering inzittenden, SVI) or a lower deductible excess (€225,- in stead of €450,-).

    Can I add anything to the contract after the car has been delivered?

    Sometimes it's possible to add contract options after your car has been delivered. Think for example of additional insurance or the option 'replacement car abroad'. It's more difficult to add items to the car after delivery. Options can never be added after delivery. In other cases it's best to contact us and we'll be happy to see if we can arrange this for you.

    Can I change the number of kilometres in my contract?

    If you occasionally drive more kilometres, it is usually more advantageous to pay for the additional kilometres and not amend the contract. If you consistently drive more kilometres than estimated in advance, you can increase the annual number of kilometres during the contract period. We will send you a statement of the new monthly instalment based on the higher annual number of kilometres. 

    It may happen that your contract is no longer appropriate due to drastic changes in, for example, your home-work situation. If that's the case, please contact us. We would like to discuss with you whether there are possibilities to change the contract. 

    How are additional kilometres calculated?

    At the end of each contract year, we ask you about the current mileage of your car. Do you respond to this request and have you driven more kilometers than stated in your contract? Then you will receive an intermediate invoice for the additional kilometers. This way you avoid a potentially high final invoice at the end of your contract.

    When you still have a lower number of additional kilometers at the end of the contract, we will refund the additional kilometers you overpaid. So you never pay too much.

    Where can I find the terms and conditions of my contract?

    You will receive these as standard with your lease contract, but they can always be accessed here on our website.

    Can I buy the car at the end of the contract?

    At the end of your private lease contract you have a couple of options. Of course you can choose a new private lease car, you can buy a car or you can extend your contract. If you want to buy a car, it might be interesting to buy your private lease car. The advantage is that you know exactly what the history of the car is. Three months before the end of your contract, you can contact us to inform about the acquisition price. You can do this without any obligation.

    Can I extend my contract?

    Do you have a lease contract for a period shorter than the longest available duration at the time of application? Then you can always extend your lease contract. We then act as if you had signed a lease contract for the longer period all along. Do you have a lease contract for the maximum period you could choose when applying? Then we can see if extending your contract in your situation is possible and beneficial compared to choosing a new, often more expensive, car. If you would like to receive an offer, then you can send your request to privatelease@alphabet.com or you can contact us at (076) 579 38 88.


    When your lease ends, you don't have to return the car right away. Do you want to keep using the car? You can do so without adjusting your contract for up to 3 months. If there are costs for maintenance or repair during this period, we will choose not to make them and ask you to return the car.

  • Creditcheck, National Credit Register and invoicing

    Why am I financially assessed?

    We believe the contract between you and Alphabet should be well-balanced for both parties. EDR Credit Services performs the financial assessment and acceptance for us. This aims to limit the risks of payment problems. EDR Credit Services applies the ability-to-pay standards as prescribed by Keurmerk Private Lease.

    How is my creditworthiness checked?

    EDR Credit Services works on Alphabet’s instructions to financially approve your application. Financial approval consists of these steps:

    • Supplementing/adapting personal data
    • Automated credit assessment
    • Supplying required documents
    • Review of your application by a credit analyst
    • Final recommendation by EDR Credit Services

    To further process your application for the Private Lease car, we need information about your family situation, source of income and monthly expenses. EDR Credit Services will send you an e-mail with a link to the EDR lease portal. You can submit the required information there. For quick processing, please provide the following within three days of the request:

    • A copy of your driving licence (front and back)
    • A copy of two payslips and bank statements in your name from the last two months, showing the income and housing expenses (rent/mortgage), including rent allowance, if you are employed.
    • A positive declaration of intent/employer’s statement, if you are employed on a temporary basis.
    • A copy of a benefit/pension specification if you receive a benefit and/or pension.
    • A copy of the most recent financial statements (private limited company/commercial partnership) if you are an independent entrepreneur or three recent bank statements if you are a sole proprietor.
    • Proof of monthly housing expenses 

    What does Alphabet do with the National Credit Register?

    We check your current financial obligations and whether there have been any payment arrears at the National Credit Register (BKR). If you drive an Alphabet lease car, we also report this payment obligation to the National Credit Register. Keurmerk Private Lease has determined this must be 65% of the total amount. In this way, you can also be sure of responsible future payment obligations.

    If you enter into a 24-month agreement with an instalment of €250,-, a payment obligation of €3.900,- will be registered. This is calculated as: (€250,- x 24 = €6.000,-) x 65% = €3.900,-.

    If you are planning to apply for a mortgage, a private lease contract has an effect on the maximum amount you can borrow. When you already have a mortgage and you want to start private leasing it will not affect your current mortgage. So it's important to ask yourself whether you want to take out a mortgage soon and how much money you think you will spend on this.

    If you are in payment arrears with us for an extended period, we will report this to the National Credit Register under its rules. Before this happens, we will already have contacted you several times.

    How is the final ability to pay determined?

    Besides the ability-to-pay standard, your housing expenses and certain other fixed costs, where applicable, are also taken into account. These are maintenance, child care costs, other exceptional fixed costs and existing financing costs. For example, unused credit lines on your current account or credit card will also be considered. By deducting the above costs and the ability-to-pay standard from your total net income, your financial ability to assume further obligations is determined. In this case, the monthly lease instalment.

    If you want, your partner can co-sign the contract. The ability-to-pay standards for cohabitants or married couples are higher than for single persons.

    What is an ability-to-pay standard?

    The ability-to-pay standard is the amount that a consumer must always have available for living expenses. Your minimum basic standard is first determined based on your family situation (Single person - Single person with children - Married/cohabiting - Married/cohabiting with children). Your ability-to-pay standard is then determined based on this basic standard and your total net income.

    Why is the amount on my first invoice different from the lease instalment in the contract?

    The lease amount on the first invoice consists of the instalment at the time of delivery and for one month in advance. This is why the amount on this first invoice differs from the monthly lease instalment in your contract. The private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax (BPM) and holdership tax (HSB) are shown separately on the invoice, because no VAT is payable on them. These components are included in the lease instalment. The collection date is always mentioned on the invoice. The first invoice is followed by a monthly invoice with a contractual lease instalment.

    Why must I pay VAT?

    Regular citizens pay VAT on everything they buy. VAT stands for value-added tax. Like all other taxes, it is an additional source of revenue for the government and is imposed as a levy on any product or service.

  • Maintenance and repair

    How does it work when my car needs maintenance?

    When your email address is known to us and we have a reliable mileage, we will send you a message when your car needs maintenance. We will also send you a message when your vehicle's MOT will expire soon. When you receive a maintenance message from us, you can make an appointment (online) with the indicated service partner. This may be a service partner you have not been to before. At Profile and JAMES Autoservice you can use the free pickup and drop off service. If you haven't received a message (yet), please contact our Driverdesk (tel: 076-579 3000) to inform where you can offer the car for maintenance.

    Where are car maintenance and/or periodic vehicle inspections performed?

    Maintenance and any periodic vehicle inspections are performed by an Alphabet Service Partner. You will automatically be notified by e-mail when it is time for maintenance and/or a periodic vehicle inspection. With that e-mail we will also inform you about which Alphabet Service Partner you can make your appointment at. We will always select an Alphabet Service Partner near you. You also have the option to use our free collection and drop-off service.

    What to do when you think something is wrong with your car?

    Do you think there is something wrong with your car and would you like to have it checked or repaired? That's okay! It is best to contact the Driverdesk at (076) 579 3000 (Monday to Friday between 8.00-17.30). They advise you where you can have your car repaired. If you let JAMES or Profile repair your car, you can use our free pickup and drop off service. BMW and MINI models must always be repaired by the dealer.

    What to do when the car breaks down?

    We offer you 24/7 breakdown assistance in the Netherlands and abroad. Please contact Alphabet Assistance on +31 76 571 1711. They will help you on your way again. 

    We always offer you breakdown assistance in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, we pay for the replacement transport in the Netherlands after 24 hours. The first 24 hours are for you own costs. If you have included the option of replacement transport abroad in your contract, you may also have a vehicle from an equivalent category as a replacement after 24 hours.

    How is a replacement car arranged?

    The costs for the first day (24 hours) that you use a replacement car are for your own account. The supplier of the replacement car has no insight into the agreement we have concluded with each other. Therefore, please note that the first day you have a replacement car you always have to pay for it yourself.

    When the replacement car has to be brought to the dealer, maintenance partner or damage repairer you have to pay for this. These pick-up and return costs are €24,20. You are supposed to refuel the car before returning the car. If you fail to do this, we will charge €9,08 administration costs.

    When the repair takes longer than 24 hours Alphabet pays the costs after the first day. Alphabet offers an A category car, such as a Peugeot 108, as a replacement car. If you have also chosen for the contractoption 'replacement car abroad', you get an equivalent car. For the rates for this first day look to the table below.


    Car category 

    Daily fee (100 km for free)

    Price for more kilometers

    Examples per car category



    € 44,22

    16 ct/km

    Citroën C1, Opel Karl, Peugeot 108, Volkswagen Up, Kia Picanto



    € 49,94

    18 ct/km

    Citroën C3, Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208, Skoda Fabia, Volkswagen Polo



    € 55,16

    18 ct/km

    Segment B station



    € 61,70

    21 ct/km

    Audi A1, Mini Cooper, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, Citroën C4 Cactus



    € 67,14

    24 ct/km

    Segment C station



    € 81,71

    25 ct/km

    BMW 2-serie, Mercedes B-klasse, Opel Zafira Tourer, Renault Scenic, Toyota Prius Plus



    € 79,42

    24 ct/km

    Audi A3, BMW 1-serie, Mercedes A-klasse, Volvo V40



    € 84,69

    25 ct/km

    Segment D Station



    € 85,71

    26 ct/km

    Ford Mondeo, KIA Optima, Peugeot 508, Renault Talisman, Volkswagen Passat



    € 94,63

    29 ct/km

    Segment E station



    € 104,94

    30 ct/km

    Audi A5, BMW 3-serie, Mercedes C-klasse, Volvo V60



    € 112,99

    33 ct/km

    Segment F station



    € 134,22

    39 ct/km

    Audi A6/A7, BMW 5-serie, Mercedes E-klasse, Volvo S90



    € 136,20

    39 ct/km

    Segment G station



    € 118,85

    29 ct/km

    Ford Galaxy, Ford S-Max, Renault Espace, Volkswagen Sharan


    How does pick up and drop off service work?

    If your car is maintained by James or Profile you can always use pick up and drop off service if you want. Your car will be picked up and returned to the same address. We do assume a reasonable distance and it's always in consultation with the service partner where you make the appointment.

    Where can I have my tires replaced/changed?

    Normally we replace summer tires with a residual profile of about 2.5 mm. For winter tires a residual profile of 4 mm applies. Of course, we always check how long your leasecontract is still running so the values mentioned may vary. In most cases your servicepartner will note that your tires are worn out during maintenance. Alphabet's servicepartners for tires are Euromaster and Profile. If you would like to have your tires replaced, please contact one of our partners online and schedule an appointment.

  • Damage and insurance

    How should I report damage?

    Whether or not you are required to report a damage depends on its size. Scratches shorter than 8 cm and dents smaller than a 2 euro coin, hail damage excluded, don’t have to be reported; these are acceptable damages.

    Please report any damages within 24 hours via www.mijnschademelding.nl or telephone number 076 – 579 3240.

    When you report a damage Alphabet will refer you to a damage repair partner. Also, we will inform you whether a damage form is required. If necessary please fill out the front and the back of the damage form and send a copy to  schade@alphabet.com. If a counterparty can’t be held accountable you pay your deductible. If the costs of repair are lower than the deductible you will only be charged the costs of repair.

    Where does my car go for damage repair?

    After reporting your damage, we will look at where the damage needs to be repaired. Depending on the size of the damage, you will need to have it repaired by a damage repair company. We will let you know where you can make an appointment for the repair.

    Which insurance is included and which one are optional?

    The car has third-party coverage (statutory liability, wettelijke aansprakelijkheid in Dutch) as required by law in the Netherlands. This is coverage for damage, loss or injury caused by the car to others. Comprehensive insurance (casco) is also included which covers damage to or theft of the car. When a counterparty can’t be held accountable a deductible, of your choosing € 450,- or € 225,-, applies. The third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance combined is often referred to as an All-Risk insurance.

    Personal injury and damage to personal property are not covered by the comprehensive insurance. Alphabet optionally offers driver and passenger insurance (schadeverzekering inzittenden, SVI)


    What is not covered?

    Legal representation relating to traffic and redress matters cannot be insured through Alphabet.

    Where can I find my international motor insurance card?

    The international motor insurance card is a certificate which proves that your current car is covered by the insurance. In the Netherlands this is better known as the “groene kaart” or literally translated “green card”. This definition can be misleading since this certificate does not have to be green per se in most use cases, but rather can be shown in black and white or digitally. You can request a digital version in your private My Alphabet account or in our app. So you'll have your international motor insurance card with you at any time. 


    Are the premium and the personal contribution in the event of damage fixed?

    The insurance premium is fixed during your contract. Alphabet can only adjust the premium if changes are imposed by the government. A standard personal contribution applies to any non-recoverable damage. This is € 450,- or € 225,- if you have chosen to reduce the deductible. You can read in your lease contract which deductible applies to you. It is possible that the amount of the damage is lower than your deductible. In this case, of course, you only pay the amount of the damage and not the full deductible.

    What happens to my no-claim bonus certificate and damage history when I start a Private Lease contract?

    Your damage history from previous insurance companies is registered in the ROYDATA system (database for motor vehicle insurance companies) for a duration of 3 years. After these 3 years your history will expire. Depending on your insurance company, sometimes you can transfer your no-claim discount to a relative before getting a private lease car.

    Alphabet does not use the ROYDATA system. If you want to insure a car we can alternatively provide you with a damage overview at the end of your contract.

    You can request this document via driverdesk-nl@alphabet.com. The damage overview lists all damage claims for which a counterparty could not be held accountable. You can also check your damages on MyAlphabet. Insurance companies can determine a potential no claim discount based on the damage overview.


    Am I allowed to travel abroad with my lease car?

    This is allowed unless that country is not included on the green insurance card. Please check this before travelling abroad. Roadside Assistance abroad is part of your Alphabet private lease contract. Use of a replacement car abroad is not included. When you choose to add this to your contract you are also entitled to a replacement car comparable in size to your lease car. You always have to pay for the first day of use of a replacement car.

    Do I need a letter of permission for travelling abroad?

    Normally your name will be on the vehicle registration card. In that case you don’t need a letter of permission for travelling abroad. If Alphabet is listed on your vehicle registration card, we advise you to travel abroad with a letter of permission. With this letter Alphabet states you are allowed to use the car outside the Netherlands. It might not always be clear for Customs or the national police who the owner of the car is.

    You can request your letter of permission via MyAlphabet. Choose ‘Meer documenten’ on the homepage after login.  

  • Termination and return

    Is it possible to end a contract early?

    Yes, this is possible, even within the first year. We will then settle any additional kilometres with you and you will pay a cancellation fee. You can also transfer your contract to someone else, for example a family member or a friend. Of course this person has to be financially assessed as well.

    What is the maximum cancellation fee?

    1. We will never charge you more than 35% of the total remaining instalments.

    Example 2
    If you wish to end the contract after 45 instead of 48 months, you would pay two lease instalments (2 x €250,- = €500,-) as a cancellation fee in accordance with the table. After all, the remaining term is now three months, i.e. 6.25% of the total term. However, 35% of the total remaining instalments is 35% x €750,- = €262,50.
    Based on the maximum cancellation fee, your costs in this example are therefore not €500,- but €262,50.


    2. Besides the maximum percentage that we apply for the cancellation fee, this fee is also capped at the difference you would have paid if you had contracted for a shorter term at the outset.

    Example 3
    In the first example, you paid instalments for 30 months at €250,- and the cancellation fee was set at €1.000,-. The 30-month period cost €7.500,- + €1.000,- = €8.500,-.
    Had you immediately chosen a 30-month period with an instalment of €275,-, for example, you would have paid €8.250,- over 30 months. This is €250,- lower, so the cancellation fee will be €750,- instead of €1.000,-. This way you can be sure that you never pay too much for your lease car!

    How to return the car?

    When your Private Lease contract expires you will receive an email from us. To make it as easy as possible, we have made a step-by-step plan for you with the necessary points of attention, so you know exactly what to do. Click here to view this roadmap